How much evil is society willing to tolerate in exchange for a good quality of life?

This is the subtext of the smart, scary, and timely independent horror film Ocracoke.

Written by David Dean, Ocracoke tells the story of Thomas White, a vicious 160-year-old vampire masquerading as a charming 20-something entrepreneur. White is a benevolent despot, running the bucolic beach community of Ocracoke Island in North Carolina’s Outer Banks with a combination of economic incentives and fear. The arrival of strangers on the island coincides with shady business dealings, resulting in grisly murders and a community on edge. Does anyone have the guts to stand up to Thomas White's bloodlust? Or will residents numb to his evil ways simply watch as he runs wild, slaughtering innocents in a feral rage?

Seamlessly weaving together horror, local history, and social commentary, Ocracoke is an epic hyper-local motion picture shot entirely on location in eastern North Carolina, featuring North Carolina actors and crew, along with music by Raleigh-based band Noxus. Primary shooting is taking place on Ocracoke, a popular tourist destination accessed only via boat or plane, steeped in an incredible amount of seafaring history. Multiple shipwrecks throughout the years brought short- and long-term residents to the island, resulting in a unique brogue and influences from overseas. The residents and business owners on Ocracoke Island have been extremely gracious to the film crew. They are a tight-knit community, still reeling from damage from Hurricane Dorian, and we are honored to be doing even a little to bring joy -- and tourist dollars -- to this amazing place. Other shooting locations include beautiful Topsail Beach in addition to various spots throughout the greater Wilmington, N.C. area.